Daily Activities

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A short description of some of our daily activities at Kathy’s Kid’s Daycare

Perhaps the most unique aspect of Kathy’s Kid’s Daycare is that there is no “typical day”.  I supply a family structured environment while also trying to make each day different and exciting for the children.  Although each day is different, meals and nap times are kept on the same schedule each day.

For infants, time is spent each day working on their motor skills, tummy time, communication and attention skills, with lots of love, fun and hugs thrown in.

Some of the things our toddlers enjoy doing are coloring, drawing, painting, crafts, listening to music, singing and dancing.  We play a variety of different games to help us with our motor skills, building with the many different types of blocks and working on our large variety of puzzles.
Since there is no “typical day”, we devote time each day on our preschool activities.  Reading, counting, as well as working on our colors, shapes, numbers, letter sounds, letter and word recognition.  Learning to write our letters and numbers as well as our names is something we practice each day to help us get ready for the big step into kindergarten.
Circle time and imaginative play are also some of the basic preschool activities we do with our friends to help us with our communication skills.
When the weather’s nice, we spend free time out of doors, drawing with chalk, climbing on the climbers, playing in the playhouses, riding bikes, playing ball, swinging on the swings, going for walks, as well as engaging in other fun outside activities.
We also spend outside educational time learning about nature, things such as recognizing different types of trees, animals, bugs, plants, flowers, and trying to recognize the many different outside sounds and smells.
Mostly we just love to learn and play with our friends everyday.